Partington Theatre is regarded as one of the finest little theatres in the North of England.

Partington Theatre – Glossop’s only live theatre venue.

Partington Theatre Club Ltd is a charitable company, with the aim of educating the public in the performing arts through two main means, by:

  1. Establishing and operating a community theatre company in Glossop (Partington Players)
  2. Providing an engaging community arts centre accessible for all (Partington Theatre)

We want to provide state-of-the-art accessible theatre to fit the town’s growing needs.  This can’t happen without your support and donations.

Inside the personal space of Partington Theatre

Our Belief – We believe, everyone in our community should be able to:

  1. Enjoy live theatre right here in Glossop
  2. Access the building and enjoy all its facilities

Our Vision – We believe in the strength of our local artists and creators, and will look to establish effective relationships within the region to bring together the wealth of talent in our area in an engaging venue, for the greater benefit of the community.

We will endeavour to:

i. Promote a theatre culture which celebrates the next generation of performing arts that inspires and empowers our performers, providing an inclusive space which nurtures award winning collaborations.

ii. Promote access to the Arts by organising public events providing opportunities to inspire audiences and raise awareness about performing arts in the region.

iii. Support learning and foster collaborations within the theatre, film and television industries and all other art forms.

Can you offer help and support our vision?

None of what we do is possible without donations provided by the public.

Are you a business that has a desire to support Partington Theatre? Learn more about our Partner Program.

Renovation Fund


Renovation work is necessary to be able to maintain the building so that it may be passed onto future generations as a viable base for amateur theatre in the area.

Built in 1914 St James Hall, as it was named, is now over 100 years old.  Originally costing £5,489 (£300 over estimate!), the building was listed on 27th January 1978 and is classed as Grade II listed.  This means it is of special architectural and/or historical interest.  The theatre is situated on Henry Street and is part of the Norfolk Square conservation area. Listing is a celebration of special architectural and historic interest, and plays a vital part in safeguarding this legacy.  Grade II buildings are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.

As with all old buildings it needs constant maintenance and upkeep to be able to function.  Despite a long track record of such works the building is currently  in desperate need of work to keep the water out, in addition to the regular daily maintenance.  The roof has a substantial leak to it in a number of places – and the basement has serious damp issues. Top to bottom, the building needs to be made watertight!

We are relaunching the Restoration Fund, originally initiated by the late Melvin Warhurst, in his memory. Melvin devoted his entire life to Partington Theatre.  He joined Glossop Amateur Repertory Club  in 1955 and was a founding member of Partington Players.

From 1958 onwards he took on a whole gamut of roles within the company, actor, director, set constructor and painter, general maintenance, treasurer, and company secretary, ending with his role as President of the society. Even at the age of 96 he still supported the theatre by attending plays. 

Sadly Melvin passed away in December 2023 but his life’s work lives on here at Partington Theatre.  Melvin believed that ‘this little theatre, for over half a century has been, and continues to be, a most valuable amenity to the town.’ 

We need you, the general public, to give your support to the maintenance and preservation of this special building to safeguard the heritage of Partington Theatre and ensure its longevity.

Thank you for helping us to keep theatre and the arts alive in Glossop.

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Glossop Heritage Celebration

Glossop Heritage Celebration

Glossop Heritage Weekend is happening this Friday 31st May- Sunday 2nd June 2024. Partington Theatre are playing a major part of it.

Restoration Fund Relaunched

Restoration Fund Relaunched

Restoration work is necessary to maintain the building so that it may be passed onto future generations as a viable base for amateur theatre.