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The set team design and construct the set for each show.  From period sets to modern this team come up with and deliver the visual element of a director’s vision.

Every show must be designed from scratch and the set built in time for the next show. Our amazing team of designers, builders and painters are at the theatre every Tuesday evening – ‘Set Night’ – to strike the previous show, begin construction, move pieces around, then paint everything, including the backdrops and the floor!


Responsibilities of the Set Designer includes:

  • Strike the previous show.
  • Construct the next shows stage, to directors/scripts requirements.
  • Design and Build Set.
  • Paint Floor.
  • Paint Ceiling.
  • Paint Set.


Come down every Tuesday except show week.


Be willing to get stuck in and have a go.


We’re a happy bunch and are delighted for any support we can get!

Volunteers Wanted

sEt DEsiGn

Do you wish to become an effective part of our vibrant and hard-working Theatre?

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This Theatre is run by Volunteers

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