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Volunteers welcome for our Stage Crew. If you can share your precious time, we're always looking for the right people to join our team!

Stage crew is the heart of any production; no show would flow without these vital men and women. While the actors and actresses are performing on stage, there is a whole other world unfolding just feet away.

The stage crew is responsible for all the moving parts during a performance.  From set items to flying in actors and backdrops, this is the team that does the heavy lifting, literally.

This role is all about making sure the right pieces of set are on stage at the right time.  From large pieces to small, anything that is not considered a prop, is the responsibility of the stage crew. 


Responsibilities of the Stage Crew include:

  • The overall running of the show on the night, in fact from the Technical rehearsal onward they become in charge of the whole thing.
  • Take direction from the Stage Manager or Director and make sure that scenes are changed quickly and quietly either behind the curtain or during a blackout, often while there is a scene going on.
  • Flying in both the Actors and the backdrops.
  • Stage effects that might be required, such as pyrotechnics.
  • It can be a physically demanding role, if you go home sweating after a show it means it’s generally gone well.


Ideally, for the length of a full-run show, as some can be quite complex and involved.


Being able to run to a schedule, take direction from the Stage Manager and think outside the box. Being happy with ladders and small spaces definetly a help.


Someone who works well as part of a team, happy to be lifting and shifting in the background.

Volunteers Wanted

staGE cREw

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